New Album 2012

“Il Confine” Tracklist, Artwork and Preview in streaming

A month before the official presentation of the new album “Il Confine”,  on 16 of March at LIVE MUSIC CLUB of Trezzo sull’Adda (MI), Folkstone give a preview about the artwork and tracklist.


Tracklist “Il Confine”:

1. Il Confine
2. Nebbie
3. Omnia Fert Aetas
4. Non Sarò Mai
5. Luna
6. Anomalus
7. Storia Qualunque
8. Frammenti
9. Lontano dal Niente
10. Ombre di Silenzio
11. Simone Pianetti
12. C’è un re
13. Grige Maree Read more →

Il Confine Tour 2012

We Folkstone are pleased to announce the first gigs of italian presentation Tour of new album “Il Confine” out on 16 March!!
You’ll find the links for tickets and a map of the events on our website: Concerts

Thanks to all!

We would thank infinitely all the 400 fans that have supported the production of our new album!
Coming soon the artwork, tracklist and the first gigs of Tour 2012
See you live!!



Studio Report #3: Last Deliriums in Gothenburg

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Studio Report #2: Gothenburg

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

New Album Pre-Order: T-shirt Preview

Here the preview of custom T-shirt that comes with the Pre-Order pack CD+T-shirt, on sale on to support the production of new album out on March 2012!



Studio Report #1: Video and Gallery!

Although a few weeks late, it’s online the first Studio Report for the next full-length recordings (out in March 2012)!

Often someone asks us how we create our songs, so we take the opportunity to give you a little glimpse…

The first step is abpout composition and arrangement (the song writing began in early 2011!), that this year involving especially every member of the band, followed by a pre-recording, in order to have among the hands the audio material with which to understand if these sound good and if we appreciate their musicality, lyricism, etc…

Putting together the riffs, melodies that we often invent during a sound check or simply practicing with our instrument in the garage, is perhaps the most fun stage… Throughout the year these ideas are constantly being processed and the songs take shape. Completed and recorded the first “draft” of the album, it’s the time to produce it seriously: this is the most difficult step, because every choice will definitely have an impact on what comes out of your headphones and speakers! Keep in mind that the production and post-production commit usually from 1 to 2 months, it’s all come before that can last for years!

With pre-mixes in hand, we start with the production stage: each track will be re-recorded in studio with equipment and techniques that will give our CD the sound we are aiming!

It might seem an unusual procedure: this year we do not start from the classical drums, bass, guitar… but from the choirs!
The recordings take place the first week of December at the auditorium of the Choir “Le Due Valli” of Alzano Lombardo (BG) Italy, the same Choir that gave us the beautiful choral version of Rocce Nere, recorded on Damnati ad Metalla (2010). Also this year the choir will take its generous participation in the CD!

The next week is dedicated to Harp, Cittern and Hurdy-Gurdy at the Groove Studio of Bergamo, Italy. The acoustics of recording rooms can take beautifully the sound of these traditional (and capricious!) instruments.

A question arises… how does our delicate Silvia to carry around her big classical Camac, twice her size? We have not yet figured out…;)

Next episode? Gothenburg, Sweden!! And I promise we’ll be more synthetic… :D



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Pre-Order New Album: Support Folkstone!

We Folkstone and our sound engineer/producer Yonatan Rukhman chose to have no label and no intermediary for printing and production of the next album.

This is why we want to be free from any obligation…and basically to make “what we like”.

Our real producers are our fans!

For these reasons, those wishing to support us can buy in advance a copy of next CD containing a small gift, at the price of 17 € (shipping included).

Will also be available the CD paired with a T-shirt exclusive, limited edition, at the price of € 37 (shipping included) on which are written the names of all those who purchased in advance the CD + T-shirt.

To order the CD or CD+T-shirt just go to the SHOP section of our website and buy what you have chosen, following simple steps to purchase online.

Both the CD and CD+T-shirts will be delivered to your address within the first week of March… So long before the official launch date on March 16 at the “Live Club” of Trezzo sull’Adda (MI).

For those who buy the CD+T-shirt, remember to fill the order notes with the name you want to appear on the T-shirt!

The term of this initiative will be January 15, 2012!

An infinite thanks to all those who will support us…