Oltre… l’Abisso

New gigs for the Tour 2016!

Here our new gigs for Tour 2016!

☞ 02/06 AlbatrosLIVE festival - Montegrotto Terme (PD)
☞ 10/06 Parco Tittoni - Desio (MB)
☞ 18/06 Langhe Rock Festival 2016 - Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)
☞ 02/07 DialFolkFest - Brozzo di Marcheno (BS)
☞ 16/07 Basilicata Metal Fest 2 - Matera
☞ 22/07 Fosch Fest 2016 - Bagnatica (BG)
☞ 05/08 Montelago Celtic Festival - Serravalle di Chienti (MC)
☞ 06/08 Kimera Rock - Celano (AQ)
☞ 19/08 Openèr Gambarögn - Quartino (CH)
☞ 20/08 Occit’amo - Acceglio (CN)

Le Voci della Sera, online the Official Videoclip

Online the Official Videoclip directed by Marco Pavone, of “Le Voci della Sera”, from the last album “Oltre… l’Abisso”.

New videoclip preview during 26 december gig!

The 26th December, during our gig in Romagnano Sesia, we’ll show in preview a new videoclip of a song excerpt from our last album Oltre… l’Abisso!


Then, we’re re-printing the vinyls of last album, that are available on our shop online!

★ Saturday 26/12 Rock’n'Roll Arena di Romagnano Sesia

★ Friday 01/01  Festa del Panin Onto, Torri di Quartesolo (VI)

Listen to “Nella Mia Fossa” in streaming preview

You can listen in preview on the website of SpazioRock “Nella Mia Fossa”, track extract from the new album!!!
This song marks the entry of the classic highland scottish bagpipes!


In Caduta Libera, Online the Videoclip of the Single

Exlusive Online for Rolling Stone, the musc video of “In Caduta Libera”, the single extract from the new album!!!

Vinil Pre-order until 22th October!

Vinile: ultima settimana per poterlo ordinare! O adesso o mai più!

Il vinile è in edizione limitata e le copie stampate saranno solo ed esclusivamente quelle di chi le ha preordinate. Di conseguenza una volta chiuse le vendite, non sarà possibile trovarlo in altro modo.

Prolunghiamo di una settimana la possibilità di ordinarlo perché vediamo che stanno arrivando ancora richieste e ci spiace bloccarle ora. Quindi avete tempo fino al 22 ottobre! Grazie!!


New Album Trailer Online

We would like to present the new album with this short trailer (sorry for the missing translation in english, anyway you can listen to some seconds of every song)! ;) Enjoy!


Vinil of New Album in Pre-order

Taking the opportunity of the pubblication of new album “Oltre… l’Abisso”, we would like to satisfy a request coming from many of you: the vinil.

To thank you for your support and affection, we’ll produce a limited edition, numbered and autographed, in order to give you something unique. It will be activated the pre-order until the October 15th, 2014. So that we’ll have the time to print the ordered copies, sign and ship them to you, within mid-November.

The cost of vinyl is 35€ shipping costs included, 40€ for international shipments. Please note that it will be the only way to buy it, because the copies will be counted and we’ll not sell them anymore!



“Oltre… l’Abisso” revealed Artwork, Tracklist and the first tour dates

Finally we’re back! And we’re back unveiling the first details of the new studio album “Oltre… l’Abisso” (Over… the Abyss) that will be out officially Monday November 3st 2014, as always self-produced under Folkstone Records and distributed by Audioglobe.

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