New album coming soon!

Here we go! Ossidiana is the title, as the volcanic stone on the cover. A material that transforms into its life cycle, that changes its structure and becomes sharp and, in its fragility, strong. We let ourselves to be wrapped up by the changes and the desire to experience new forms of music and words. Moving amongst perspective and sonority visions that apparently do not belong to us… but which are actually faces of the same stone. One of these changes is also Silvia Bonino, whom many ask us about. Simply, we’ve been looking for more “minimal” sound, where the harp will not be so present as for the previous albums. No litigation or truncated relationships! :) Produced by Tommy Vetterli for our FOLKSTONE RECORDS label, Ossidiana will be released by Universal Music Italia on November 3rd 2017. See you above… and under the stages!