Electric & Acoustic Line-up

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Lorenzo Marchesi: vocals
Roberta Rota: bagpipes, rauschpfeifes, vocals
Maurizio Cardullo: bagpipes, irish whistles and bouzouki, cittern, rauschpfeifes
Andrea Locatelli: bagpipes, rauschpfeifes, percussions
Luca Bonometti: guitars
Federico Maffei: bass
Edoardo Sala: drums and percussions

Marco Legnani: hurdy-gurdy, acoustic strings


Folkstone were born at the end of 2004 as a rock project matched with traditional instruments, usually played acoustic. Going beyond any standard custom, bagpipes, bombards, harps, citterns, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy and flutes become the main instruments, creating an emotional atmosphere that ever marks the band and its own feeling with the audience.

During their energetic live shows – a several number of gigs both in Italy and abroad, including big stages and festivals – the band plays the best of their production released so far. The debut album Folkstone (2008) and the follow-up Damnati ad Metalla (2010) were released by Fuel Records/Self. After leaving the label with the following Sgangogatt (2011) and “Il Confine” (2012), the band creates its own record label, Folkstone Record.

The first release of their new indie-label was set to be the live DVD Restano i Frammenti (2012). The latest album Oltre… l’ Abisso has been released in 2014, and features a couple of renowned musicians such as Chris Dennis (Modena City Ramblers, Nomadi, etc) playing the violin and Fidel Fogaroli (ex Verdena) the piano.
Rock and pure energy go along introspective and autobiographical lyrics, looking, with a critical purpose, at the modern society, described even through unusual characters’ stories who marked their sign somewhere.

We’d have a lot to say, ’cause the show lives in the smelling venues of smoke and sweat, in the streets and squares creating and getting lost with the people, in the beers and whiskeys flowing through the soul…