Vinil of New Album in Pre-order

Taking the opportunity of the pubblication of new album “Oltre… l’Abisso”, we would like to satisfy a request coming from many of you: the vinil.

To thank you for your support and affection, we’ll produce a limited edition, numbered and autographed, in order to give you something unique. It will be activated the pre-order until the October 15th, 2014. So that we’ll have the time to print the ordered copies, sign and ship them to you, within mid-November.

The cost of vinyl is 35€ shipping costs included, 40€ for international shipments. Please note that it will be the only way to buy it, because the copies will be counted and we’ll not sell them anymore!



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  • Andrea on Oct 06, 2014 Reply

    Non mi resta che aspettare!!!!

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